The potters’ association in the Sennyuji district

gaikan01Kyo wear and Kiyomizu wear refer to the pottery made in Kyoto, especially in Kiyomizu area. The wear is known for its distinct beauty fostered by the flourishing culture of Kyoto, with full of historical assets, having been the capital of Japan over ten centuries. Traditional ceramic technique and craftsmanship have been continuously honed by generations of ceramic artists and a variety of masterpieces have been produced. That tradition is now handed down to the modern artists who are equally passionate in pursuing the novel beauty of Kyo and Kiyomizu wear.

Seiyoukai is the potters’ association in the Sennyuji district, where many Kyoto Ware and Kiyomizu Ware workshops are located. Beautiful works of ceramic artists are exhibited and sold here, where the ceramic experience courses are offered.

Please have fun taking up the challenge to these interesting techniques.